All of our machines are ready for coupling with automation equipment.
Through years and years of experience, we have become experts in designing automated production lines.


The automation equipment Yida provides can be divided into two categories: robotic arms and part supply devices.

We not only provide various brands of multi-axis robotic arms, but also gantry loaders that make the best use of your floor space.

As for part supplying devices, we offer semi-automatic devices, such as bar feeders, part collectors and more. Fully automatic devices like rotating and elevating part supply devices and multi-pallet pool systems are provided as well. All of the mentioned above are available for customization according to your needs.

Yida's automation equipment has several features:

  1. Low investment cost, fast parts change, small space occupation and excellent scalability.
  2. We help our customers save investment capital and overhead costs which results in high efficiency and competitiveness.
Gangtry Loader
Part Supply Devices